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Software-AI Designed for Agricultural Machinery

A.D.A.M. empowers our machines to perceive the fruit from a dynamic standpoint, constantly adapting and evolving throughout the season. With unrivaled precision, A.D.A.M. detects imperfections independently of human intervention.

  • Fewer employees needed to operate and sort
  • 99% accuracy
  • Customizable Sorting
Blue Pearl Square

Blue Pearl Systems

Blueberry Sorter

Our cutting-edge technology sorts through imperfections, dimensions, texture, marks, withering, stems, hues, and much more. With our innovative solutions, you can achieve precise classification at a high volume, all within a compact machine. 

  • Small Footprint
  • All your sorting needs in 1 machine
  • Fewer Employees
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Red Pearl Systems

Cherry Sorting Equipment

Explore our wide selection of packhouse necessities, ranging from Dumpers to Sizers to Autobox Fillers. Simplify your packing operations and meet all your packaging requirements with our exceptional solutions.

  • 360 Degree rotation of each cherry
  • Accurate Customizable Sorting
  • Fewer Employees needed.
Pearl Vision Logo 800 x 800

Pearl Vision

Camera Box for ALL Sorting needs

Pearl Vision, is the ultimate solution for all your sorting needs. With its cutting-edge technology, Pearl Vision effortlessly detects a wide range of imperfections such as blemishes, bruising, variations in size, vibrant colors, softness, and even signs of rot. 

  • Cuts labor sorting costs
  • Work on most sorting lines
  • Customizable