Tier 1 Pearl Tech 2 WEB 800 x 800

Tier 1


We understand the importance of having a dedicated tech on-site to assist your skilled operators and mechanics. Our team is here to cater to their needs with comprehensive training sessions and top-notch repair services. In addition, we offer sorting assistance, preventive maintenance, software guidance, and specialized training for parts replacement. You can rest assured that we are here to support you throughout the season, with prompt responses to your requests within just half an hour. And for added convenience, we also provide remote technical support.

  • Exclusive Pearl Sort Tech 
  • Pre-Season and Post-Season
  • All of Tier 2 and 3 options 
Pearl Tech Support WEB 800 x 800

Tier 2


This option provides the expertise of a dedicated technician who will support a specific region for an entire season. Our technician is readily available to assist customers, operators, and mechanics with training, repairs, sorting assistance, preventative maintenance, software guidance, and parts replacement training whenever necessary. This package includes pre-season service at no additional cost. Our commitment to excellent customer service means we guarantee a response to all requests within 30 minutes, whether in person or over the phone. We also offer daily check-ins, either through phone calls or in-person visits when feasible. Additionally, our remote technical support via Team Viewer allows us to assist you from anywhere. We are always just a call or click away, providing online and phone support whenever you need it.

  • Pre-Season included
  • 1/2 hour response time
  • Remote technical support
Tier 3 Pearl Tech WEB 800 x 800

Tier 3


Accessible remotely, our team is here to provide comprehensive support for operators and mechanics working with Pearl Sort equipment. Whether you need training, repairs, sorting assistance, advice for preventative maintenance, or software guidance, we've got you covered. We also offer remote parts replacement training as needed. With our remote technical support via Team Viewer, you can count on us to assist you online or over the phone. While we strive to respond promptly, please note that we do not guarantee a specific response time.

  • Best Cost Savings
  • 0ne hour response time
  • Team Viewer Remote access 

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