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Why AI for fruit sorting?

The answer lies in the solution, to achieve faster sorting, minimize downtime, and ensure maximum accuracy while significantly reducing operator costs.

By employing A.D.A.M., the RP360 gains an unparalleled understanding of the fruit, continuously learning and adapting throughout the entire season.

A.D.A.M. excels in accurately identifying blemishes, completely removing the need for human operators.

Over the past four years, Pearl Sort LLC. has been dedicated to enhancing the accuracy of cherry sorting through rigorous testing and a fruitful collaboration with 45S in NZ and an AI engineering specialist from Otago Polytechnic.

Pearl Sort LLC has proven out the speed, accuracy, and quality of their equipment so that even the produce buyers are asking that their fruit be sorted by Pearl Sort machines.


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Proven Data

Experience the power of A.D.A.M.'s software with an impressive 95% accuracy in detecting defects. Our advanced technology sets us apart, making it easier than ever to differentiate between local grade or cul fruit with unparalleled precision.

Witness a remarkable 90% increase in correctly classified local-grade fruit. We've taken local-grade fruit, reducing its classification as an export grade by 25%, and significantly decreasing its classification as cul by a staggering 59%.

But that's not all. Our AI technology has also achieved a phenomenal 94% increase in accurately classifying rot/moldy fruit, thanks to a remarkable 35% improvement within one season. With a 90% reduction in rot/moldy fruit mixing in local grade and an 83% reduction in mixing with export grade, we're setting new standards in quality control.

Say goodbye to cul fruit mixed in the export grade, as we've achieved a remarkable 59% reduction. Additionally, our AI now excels at correctly classifying cul fruit, boasting an impressive increase of 51%.

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Continuous Updates

* A.D.A.M. Stemless Detection - Our AI technology has evolved to independently detect stemless fruit with the control to enable or disable this feature as per your preference.

* A.D.A.M. Bruising Detection - A.D.A.M. independently detects major bruises and similar defects primarily visible in the NIR image. This feature can be independently enabled or disabled, giving you complete flexibility.

* Sub-Crack Fine-Tuning - A.D.A.M. can now distinguish between different types of cracks, whether it's ring/bowl, side, suture, or nose cracks, you can fine-tune the AI's performance based on your specific requirements.

* Improved detection of brown rot, reducing error rates by over 85%.

* Performance enhancement on light/white cherries, with a 64% reduction in error rate and a significant 6x reduction in false negatives.

* Reduction of edge-case false positives, errors due to white noses, stemless fruit, and bowl discoloration have been substantially minimized.

With a reduction in error rates of approximately 25%-40% across all different features, our latest generation of AI surpasses all expectations.

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Rotation AI Detection

Experience the power of R.A.D. as it keeps you informed in real-time about any potential rotational issues, lane by lane.

Through meticulously designed simulated experiments, R.A.D. showcases its ability to accurately predict the angle at which each piece is facing, boasting an exceptional average error rate of less than four degrees.

Rest assured, with R.A.D. by your side, A.D.A.M. gains a comprehensive view of the entire cherry, ensuring no defects slip past unnoticed.

No matter the cause, R.A.D. remains highly responsive and adept at tackling rotation issues head-on.

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Yerren, our AI Engineer

Yerren, our brilliant AI Engineer, hails from the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Yerren is truly a trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of artificial intelligence and the agricultural world. He kick-started his career as an operator at 45 South, a company in New Zealand known for its exceptional management. It was during this time that Yerren's unwavering passion for numbers and his relentless determination to find innovative solutions for the packhouse industry truly shone.

In his pursuit of excellence, Yerren developed a remarkable software, A.D. A. M., that has been running flawlessly for the past two years, revolutionizing the way packhouses operate. This groundbreaking software has not only optimized efficiency but has also created a seamless workflow that has impressed industry experts.

Yerren's dedication, ingenious approach, and unparalleled creativity, continue to shape the future of AI, making Yerren an invaluable asset to our team.