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Red Pearl System

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"One for all and all for one."
RP360 is all you need to sort for size, color, blemish, and so much more.

starStainless Steel



Accurate Software


AI Designed for Agricultural Machinery. We have developed a custom-built, deep convolutional neural network that is integrated into the Blue Pearl software.

star95% sorting accuracy

star59% saves from culls

star94% increase in rot classified

star51% culls correctly classified

Perfect Air Flow

Patented Split Roller

Makes the perfect path for the quick air ejection without disturbing the other berries.


starEliminates junk

starIncreases Air Flow

starEasy to clean

Quickest Sort

Gentle Upward Air Ejection

For the quickest sort available we use upward air ejection coupled with the split roller. Sorting up to 6-8 tons per hour.

starProven Gentle



Researched & Developed

Manufactured in USA

We heard all your complaints about the competitors and found solutions. We are offering 1 machine that can cover all your needs using the highest technology from the most resourceful engineers.



starHigh End Manufacturing

A team for you

Pearl Tech Service

We take service seriously. We will provide local seasonal help in your area, training for an operator upon installation, video to access, and remote support.
There are different levels to meet every need and budget.

starlocal seasonal support

starRemote Support

star3 level Support Plan



How fast can the Red Pearl Process?

The Red Pearl has the incredible capacity to process 6 to 8 tons per hour. However, it's important to note that this maximum capacity can be influenced by various factors, including the quality and size of the fruit, as well as the overall environment and management of the facility.

Can you really see the entire cherry?

With our groundbreaking split roller, the cherry undergoes a seamless 360-degree rotation, carefully monitored by our cutting-edge cameras. This allows us to quickly detect any indications of nose splits or stem cracks, ensuring impeccable quality.

What is the sorting and sizing accuracy?

Experience the precision of our sorting and sizing capabilities, delivering accuracy up to 86%. But now, with the introduction of our revolutionary A.D.A.M. software, we have elevated the game, achieving an astounding 99% accuracy in sorting and sizing.

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